New York , April 14, 2015

GTA V is now available for PC! For optimum playability and an unforgettable gaming experience, we recommend that you choose a Thrustmaster gamepad. Thrustmaster gamepads are fully Plug & Play, and are perfectly optimized for GTA V:

•    GPX LightBack Ferrari F1 Edition
•    GPX LightBack Black Edition
•    GPX
•    GP XID

            GP XID                               GPX                                 GPX LIGHTBACK BLACK EDITION          GPX LIGHTBACK FERRARI F1 EDITION


XInput standard (XID): Plug & Play functionality in all games with GP and GPX versions
Featuring a design inspired by the Xbox 360® controller, Thrustmaster's GP and GPX controller are based on the XInput standard (XID), which ensures Plug & Play functionality and instant recognition in Windows® and PC games.

16-bit resolution: GP and GPX versions deliver twice greater precision
The GP and GPX controllers offer another fantastic feature – two high-resolution ministicks, offering twice greater precision than a standard gamepad. These non-slip ministicks offer enhanced responsiveness, ensuring higher performance in all types of games – particularly in action games, TPS and FPS, where precision is of the essence.

Long-stroke, curved progressive triggers
The dual long-stroke ultra-progressive triggers offer precise control, by delivering optimum levels of resistance.

Vibration Feedback: GPX versions feature two vibration motors running on different frequencies
GPX gamepads offer a vibration feedback feature, delivered by two high-frequency motors located within the gamepad's grips, which offers precious real-time assistance and ensures enhanced realism.

LightBack: backlit ministicks on GPX LightBack versions
GPX LightBack versions also boast backlit ministicks, featuring interactive backlighting that illuminates in sync with in-game events.

Speed Gauges: two speed gauges on GPX LightBack versions
GPX LightBack versions also provide two speed gauges with 8 built-in LEDs (enabling users to view and accurately dose acceleration and braking in racing simulation games).

Where can I buy a Thrustmaster gamepad?