Discover this innovative brand-new feature that lets users build their own racing configuration step by step.

With a constantly expanding range of racing products and a guiding vision of empowering its users with more options to suit their needs and tastes, making available a dynamic web-based tool allowing customers to build a customized setup via a seamless and guided process was a natural step forward for Thrustmaster.
Thanks to this new tool, visitors to the Thrustmaster website can create their dream configuration from A to Z completely on their own, platform by platform, add-on by add-on – and be sure of having a setup that’s 100% operational!

Users simply select their main gaming platform to get started with the configuration. After choosing a servo base or a racing wheel and pedal set bundle, the configurator guides the user through the process step by step by suggesting add-ons which are compatible with the selection. When enough elements have been selected to let the user start racing, the status “Ready to Race” is displayed, indicating that the setup is functional. The user is then able to supplement his or her configuration by selecting add-ons from the list of suggestions, for an even more lifelike driving experience.

Once the configuration is ready, users can either view the list of resellers available in their country, or order directly from the Thrustmaster Shop online*.

Much more than just a setup creation service, the Thrustmaster configurator is extremely helpful for owners of Thrustmaster racing wheels, who can use this tool to easily discover the add-ons and new products compatible with their hardware.

To access the configurator, go to the Racing Wheels section of the Thrustmaster website, and click on the “Configurator” tab.

* The Shop is currently available to users in the following countries: the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Austria.