Thrustmaster presents its Y Gaming Headsets range for gamers.



Our fans on the official Thrustmaster Facebook page are already in on the news: Thrustmaster is getting ready to launch a range of headsets for gamers, the Y Gaming Headsets.

In addition to its 30 years of experience catering to gamers, Thrustmaster has also benefitted from the Guillemot Group’s 20 years of audio expertise under the Hercules brand in creating these innovative new headsets.

The headsets are unique in terms of their audio performance, which has been specially developed for gaming: their 50 mm drivers are able to reproduce all sounds in games with stunning lifelike clarity.

What’s more, Thrustmaster’s Y Gaming Headsets provide excellent noise isolation along with an adjustable, unidirectional super high-performance microphone that lets you play in any type of environment, including noisy LAN parties.


3 Thrustmaster headsets will hit the shelves over the coming days, at a suggested retail price of $89.99 each:


Click on the images above for full details about each headset model.