T-Megapack PSP™ PSP™ / PSP™Slim


A complete solution optimized and styled for your PSP™ console


8-Item Pack

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Compatible with PSP™ and PSP™ Slim

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Hard-shell PSP™ carrying case crafted of EVA:

For optimal protection of your PSP™Internal [...]

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8-Item Pack

Compatible with PSP™ and PSP™ Slim

Hard-shell PSP™ carrying case crafted of EVA:

For optimal protection of your PSP™

Internal compartment: for storing your UMD™ discs

Stand option (vertical position): for watching videos

Double closing system: connect earphones even when the case is closed

Car cigarette lighter adapter:

Connect your PSP™ in the car

High-quality stereo earphones:

20-20,000Hz frequency range + 15mm driver + 32 Ohm impedance

Earphone cable with adjustment ring: for optimal comfort

Hard-shell UMD™ carrying case crafted of EVA:

For transportation of 5 UMD™ discs + 2 memory cards

Screen protection with soft card applicator

2-in-1 retractable cable (USB and POWER):

Transfer files with a PC or PS3™

Recharge your PSP™ from a PC or USB source

Wrist-strap with metal clasp:

Transport the PSP™ on its own or in its case

Anti-static and fingerprint cleaning cloth




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  • T-Megapack PSP™/sites/default/files/imagecache/media/product/154_T-Travel_Bag_PSP-StandeePosition.jpg/sites/default/files/imagecache/media_large/product/154_T-Travel_Bag_PSP-StandeePosition.jpg
  • T-Megapack PSP™/sites/default/files/imagecache/media/product/466_T-Travel_Bag_PSP-StandeePosition_BG.jpg/sites/default/files/imagecache/media_large/product/466_T-Travel_Bag_PSP-StandeePosition_BG.jpg