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LED Display Holder

제품 개요
The completely adjustable mounting bracket specially designed by Thrustmaster for the BT LED Display
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Versatile system

The mounting bracket attaches directly to the racing wheel’s base. Enjoy 3 different adjustment options: position, inclination and height.

Solid attachment

The LED Display Holder features a sturdy, 100% metal mounting arm that’s been tested and approved by Thrustmaster’s most demanding beta testers.
Center plate crafted of ABS, with metal reinforcements.

Universal Thrustmaster compatibility

Compatible with Thrustmaster PS4 racing wheels featuring a detachable wheel rim (sold separately).

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“PlayStation”, “PS5”, “PS4” 및 “PlayStation Shapes Logo”는 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.의 등록 상표 또는 상표입니다. 모든 권리 보유 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC의 라이선스에 따라 제조 및 유통됩니다.

추가 상세 정보

Maximum height ≈ 15.4 inches/39 cm
Maximum width ≈ 5.9 inches/15 cm
Maximum depth ≈ 3.9 inches/10 cm

0.9 lb/429 g

1 “LED Display Holder” mounting bracket for BT LED Display
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LED Display HolderLED Display Holder
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