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TM Racing Clamp

제품 개요
Thrustmaster proudly presents the TM Racing Clamp: a sturdy, practical solution that allows for total immersion in the world of car racing, without using a cockpit.
적합 대상
Sport racing

주요 기능

제품 정보

100% metal structure

A sturdy, secure solution for optimal use of the TSS Handbrake Sparco Mod (+) and the TH8A Add-On Shifter!

Different possible configurations

The TM Racing Clamp allows for a variety of different configurations, for optimal use of your Thrustmaster add-ons without a cockpit. It attaches to your desk or table and can support a TSS Handbrake Sparco Mod (+) and a TH8A, ensuring enhanced stability and gaming comfort.

A practical, solid attachment system

The TM Racing Clamp features a 100% metal structure. It attaches via two tightening screws, ensuring secure and easy attachment to a desk or table. Its attachment system using tightening screws lets you adjust the grip according to the thickness of your support surface — from 0.6”/15 mm to 2”/50 mm.
The TM Racing Clamp is the must-have accessory to improve the ergonomics of your installation, and ensure total immersion in all of your races!

Adjustable and versatile

In addition to offering a variety of different possible configurations, the TM Racing Clamp easily adapts to all of your gaming installations. It lets you adjust the position (height, depth and inclination) of your Thrustmaster add-ons for optimal use of your TSS Handbrake Sparco Mod (+) and your TH8A.
It also works equally well for left-hand or right-hand drive configurations, depending on your choice of position for the TH8A’s side-support bracket.

A new e-Sports accessory

The TM Racing Clamp joins Thrustmaster’s range of e-Sports accessories, for the most realistic racing simulation experience ever!

공식 라이선스 획득

추가 상세 정보

Gift box or blister dimensions (length/width/height) (cm) 44,7 x 14,1 x 25,5

2 824g

KRW 184000