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In a nutshell
For the 70th anniversary of the most famous racing brand worldwide, Ferrari, Thrustmaster is proud to present the TS-PC RACER Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition racing wheel.
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Ferrari 488 Car

Key features

What they say


A powerhouse of technologies

TS-PC RACER is Thrustmaster’s ultimate racing simulator for PC racers. It faithfully reproduces the car’s response and track conditions.
TS-PC RACER is a powerhouse of technologies created to enhance gaming performance and offer a racing experience closer to reality, allowing gamers to be fully immersed.

Thrustmaster TS-PC servo base

Metal top cover
270°–1080° rotation angle
Industrial-class brushless 2nd-generation motor
The TS-PC RACER’s motor provides powerful 40-watt brushless Force Feedback
Motor Cooling Embedded system
Field Oriented Control algorithm
External Turbo Power power supply

Realistic competition wheel design

The wheel is a 9:10 scale replica (12.6”/32 cm in diameter) of the real Ferrari 488 Challenge wheel. Officially licensed by Ferrari, it features a total of 25 programmable functions:
Faceplate and 2 paddle shifters crafted of black brushed anodized metal
15 built-in LEDs for tachometer function (RPM)*
2 directional pads (D-pads with push function)
2 rotary switches with push function, and 8 action buttons
Designed with hand-stitched wrapping crafted of the same Alcantara material imported from Italy as that used on genuine Ferrari wheels.

Brushless servomotor technology (40 watts)

To provide a high level of performance, precision and comfort for highly-demanding PC gamers, Thrustmaster developed the TS-PC servo base.
The industrial-class brushless 2nd-generation motor ensures 50% more dynamics, and 4 times greater stall force than the previous generation. Torque is 1.6 times higher than the torque provided by the TX and T300 RS wheel bases.

Dynamic torque

Very responsive 40-watt motor for particularly dynamic and powerful effects, with enhanced feedback. The TS-PC RACER’s motor provides powerful 40-watt brushless Force Feedback and incredible velocity (dynamic torque): from long stall curves (STALL mode) to super-responsive zigzags (DYNAMIC mode).

Motor Cooling Embedded system (patent pending)

Maintains dynamics with the new motor by ensuring that there is no overheating, while remaining silent. Provides 50% more dynamics and 4 times greater stall force than the TX and T300 RS wheel bases, plus heat dissipation via monophasic cooling.

H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) + F.O.C.

Field Oriented Control algorithm: H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) provides 16-bit resolution (65,536 values), while the new F.O.C. algorithm dynamically optimizes the response to intense torque demands. The motor responds dynamically and swiftly to increased torque requests, while switching and reducing power drops.

External Turbo Power power supply

External Turbo Power power supply delivers constant power and massive peak power to instantly respond to ultra-fast requests from the game. Toroidal-shaped to optimize efficiency versus heat at 86%, with a finless design. Peak power: 400 watts!

Thrustmaster ecosystem: fully compatible!

Compatible on PC with Thrustmaster accessories*:

Detachable wheels*: Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On*, TM Open Wheel*, Rally Wheel Add-On Sparco R383 Mod*, TM Leather 28 GT Wheel Add-On*, etc.
Racing ecosystem: T3PA and T3PA-PRO pedal sets*, TH8A shifter* and TSS Handbrake Sparco Mod+*.

* Sold separately

Officially licensed by

“PlayStation”, “PS5”, “PS4”, and “PlayStation Shapes Logo” are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved. Manufactured and distributed under license from Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.
Ferrari® is a registered trademark of Ferrari S.p.A.

More details

Length (cm) 52.5
Width (cm) 38
Height (cm) 31

10260 g

Box contents
Racing wheel, TURBO POWER power supply, attachment system, user manual and consumer warranty information.