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December 14, 2022

Thrustmaster’s 2022 Christmas Buying Guide

Christmas is fast approaching and you’re looking for gifts for the gamers in your life? To guide you in your choices, the experts at Thrustmaster have prepared a selection of gift ideas to slip under the Christmas tree, as well as some advice.  

Christmas is fast approaching and you’re looking for gifts for the gamers in your life? To guide you in your choices, the experts at Thrustmaster have prepared a selection of gift ideas to slip under the Christmas tree, as well as some advice.  

Racing simulations, flight simulations and game controllers, we have thought of everything for you!   

The world of racing simulation 

We start this Christmas list with the world of racing simulation. From budding to expert drivers, here is our selection.  

Start the race simulation  

The T128 for Xbox, Playstation™ and PC: released last October, the T128 steering wheel offers an excellent entry into racing simulation. It’s the perfect gift for those who want to discover new racing sensations for the first time and have an immersive experience.  Its HYBRID DRIVE force feedback will make you feel the track, the shocks, the skids. 

The T128 is sure to delight young and old alike. It is delivered with a pedal board so that you can fully discover the sensations of driving. 

Level : amateur 

Image du système de changement de volant du T300 RS GT Edition

The T300RS GT Edition for PS4™, PS5™: officially licensed Gran Turismo, the T300RS GT Edition is more powerful, more immersive. It is a reference for those who want to go further in the racing simulation. Its advantage? It has a steering wheel change system, and thus offers players a vast selection of wheels adapted to each world of motorsport: from GT racing on the circuit to rally driving on uneven terrain, all the choices are open to racers. Don’t hesitate to discover the Thrustmaster ecosystem. The T300RS GT Edition is delivered with the T3PA-GT 3-pedal pedal board. 

level : intermédiaire 

For the more experienced pilot  

Here we move on to a selection of wheels that will satisfy the most demanding pilots, in search of realistic sensations and pure performance.   

Image lifestyle du volant TS XW Racer Sparco P310 et son alimentation Turbo Power

The TS-XW Racer Sparco P310 Competition mod for Xbox and PC under official Sparco and Xbox license. The TS-XW Racer is a highly realistic, race-inspired design: a 1:1 scale replica of the Sparco P310 Competition wheel. Delivered with a T3PA pedal board, this set is the ultimate weapon for drivers looking for immersion. Its powerful brushless motor and optimal precision will allow you to go for the best times on the track while having a realistic force feedback feeling. It is also compatible with the entire Thrustmaster ecosystem.  

Level : expert

Our configuration tips:  

  • The SF1000 Edition formula wheel add-on is optimal for a true single-seater simulation experience. This wheel is the official 1:1 scale replica of the Ferrari SF1000 single seater.  
  • The T-LCM pedalset can also be a good upgrade option. It is equipped with Load Cell technology for very precise braking power metering.  
  • The TH8A is the perfect accessory to complete a setup. The feel of the shifter is realistic, and the detachable pommel makes it compatible with all true universal pommels available on the market. 

The world of flight simulation 

For flight simulation enthusiasts or experienced virtual pilots, here’s THE list to make sure they’ll be flying with a smile this holiday season 

For beginner aviators 

Image lifestyle des boutons d'actions et des axes programmables du T-Flight Stick X pour la simulation de vol

The T.Flight Stick X for PC: an all-in-one joystick, the T.Flight Stick X is perfect for taking your first steps into flight simulation. It is equally at home in military, civil and space aviation. It is plug-and-play in most games and can be used immediately in game.  

Level : amateur 

Grande image lifestyle du joystick et de la manette des gaz du T.Flight Hotas 4 sur un fond bleu

The T.Flight Hotas 4 for PS4™, PS5™ and PC: here we take it up a notch with a joystick and throttle assembly. Ergonomic and realistic, the T.Flight Hotas 4 is also designed for all types of flying. It allows you to learn throttle management for more realism and offers many possibilities in the approaches.

Level : amateur 

For experienced pilots

This selection is aimed at the more experienced aviators who are looking for a complete set for a more advanced immersion.

Because the uses are not the same, we will classify our gift ideas into civil aviation, military and space simulation. 

Civil aviation

TCA Captain Pack X Airbus Edition: Officially licensed by Airbus and Xbox Series X|S, this quadrant and joystick set is fully inspired by the iconic 1:1 scale Airbus mini-stick. With its ambidextrous joystick and quadrant featuring iconic Airbus-inspired functions, it brings a realistic and immersive experience to commercial flight simulation. Take advantage of its full quadrant with iconic controls such as landing gear, auto-brake, rudder trim and parking brake for a fully immersive experience. 

Niveau : expert 

Le TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition: sous licence officielle Boeing et Xbox Series X|S cette réplique officielle des commandes inspirées du Boeing 787 ravira les plus pointus des amateurs de vol civile. Son mécanisme PENDUL_R et sa structure interne 100% en métal, retranscrivent parfaitement le ressenti des pilotes Boeing. Il est livré avec son quadrant qui inclut certaines fonctions iconiques de la manette des gaz comme la gestion de l’altitude et la fonction d’autopilotage tant en restranscrivant  la force de résistance ressentie par les pilotes.  

Level : expert 

Military aviation :

Image lifestyle illustrant la collaboration entre Thrustmaster et la communauté simmer pour la création du Hotas Warthog

The Hotas Warthog is the best-selling military flight simulator. The Hotas Warthog is an official replica of the A-10C flight controls. Designed for experienced pilots, it offers over 55 fully programmable buttons for an uncompromising flight experience. It is accurate, complete and will meet the most demanding requirements. 

To complete this package, we recommend the TPR rudder and the F/A-18C Hornet™ HOTAS Add-On Grip 

Level : expert 

Our configuration advice: we recommend adding the TPR for total immersion in the game 

Space simulation :  

Image lifestyle présentant le joystick, le palonnier et la manette des gaz du T-16000M FCS Flight Pack

T.16000M FCS Flight Pack: For all spacecraft pilots, we recommend the T.16000M FCS Flight Pack. This complete set consists of a joystick, a throttle and a rudder. Here too, we are looking for immersion and the sensation of flying in space with a management of the main axes and adaptability to any type of situation.

Level : Intermédiaire


If you have any controller champions to spoil for Christmas, then you’ve come to the right place. No hesitation here, Thrustmaster’s ESWAP range is made for them! For the past three years, Thrustmaster has gradually established itself as a reference in the field of game controllers for competition. But more than just controllers for the pros, these controllers come with a unique modular system that allows you to change your game configuration and modify your controller at any time. 

ESWAP S PRO CONTROLLER for Xbox™ and PC: This modular controller is designed for gamers seeking a high level of precision and responsiveness on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. Equipped with the next generation mini-stick, it offers all the tools for gamers looking for performance.  

Level : expert 

The ESWAP X PRO CONTROLLER for Xbox™ and PC: offers more possibilities for customisation, it is also modular. This professional controller is slightly larger than its smaller sister. It offers ultra-realistic clicks and its sticks have a longer life. Without compromise, the ESWAP X PRO CONTROLLER will be the ideal ally to perform in multiplayer.  

And if you want to please someone who already owns an ESWAP X PRO CONTROLLER, why not offer them one of our customisation packs or the dedicated carrying case? 

Level : expert  

Our configuration tips:  

  • For a unique look without losing performance, we offer you the customisation packs: in Led version with ESWAP X LED ORANGE CRYSTAL PACK and the ESWAP X LED BLUE CRYSTAL PACK.  

Go further in the configuration  

You have chosen one or more products but you don’t know what is compatible. If you want to complete your product with other elements of the Thrustmaster ecosystem, we have thought of you! Our products, whether for racing simulation, flight simulation or controllers, have a configurator.  

To access it, nothing could be easier. Go to the product page you are interested in and click on “configure”. You will then be able to add additional equipment and retrieve it directly from your shopping cart in our shop!